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Unhappy Polarized Country by The Mad Faxer, 8:43 PM 8/14/04

Walk around and look at the faces of people in your everyday life. They are sad, pessimistic, and worried.
They do not think Bush deserves to be president, but they also feel their right to vote has been stripped away - the frustration of some Right-wing Judge appointing a President rather than counting votes has played exactly into the Republican playbook: a)Don't fight fair b)Act like you are entitled c)Ridicule and mock while claiming your opponent is guilty of doing what you are doing.

People are apathetic. They are tired of David vs. Goliath and expect the freedoms the founding fathers fought and won for us won't be molested by bigots and hate-mongers wrapping themselves up in flags and religion.

Perhaps the most disgusting thing about the disingenuous Bush W. George is the wild spending spree going on to attempt to re-steal the White House - while people in America are paying higher gas prices, while costs across the board are going up, and while our jobs are being shipped to other countries. We all know that Bush stands for Big Business - yet he will get votes from people who do not know any better. Luckily, some gay brethren who believed in the Republican ideals have expressed to me that Kerry will be getting their vote. This is a good sign - these are not the "swing" voters - these are minority people realizing they are getting screwed and subscribing to that essential axiom: "Screw me once, shame on you. Screw me twice, shame on me." Look at the amount of MONEY Bush is spending and see if it can't be better spent:

Patrick Martin's article of July 6, 2004 in the World Socialist Web Site states "Bush raised a record $130 million for his 2000 election campaign, but both candidates in 2004 have already shattered that mark. Bush has topped $216 million, with two months to go before the Republican Party’s nominating convention in New York City, which marks the end of official campaign fundraising. Kerry’s campaign reported Thursday that he has collected $182 million in 2003 and the first half of 2004, with another month of fundraising before the Democratic convention, set for July 26-29 in Boston. Kerry raised $34 million in June alone, so his pre-convention total will be well past $200 million and could approach $250 million, while Bush’s fundraising could top $300 million.1". http://www.wsws.org/articles/2004/jul2004/elec-j06.shtml

School programs, no child left behind, the environment, jobs - as long as Bush can pull the "terror threat"
level buzzer whenever, he will jolt the populace. Like the dimwit in the classroom sitting there when 9/11
happened - having to explain his stupidity on Larry King August 12th:

Interview With George W. Bush, Laura Bush
Aired August 12, 2004 - 21:00 ET

This all started on 9/11. 9/11 changed the world, changed you, changed everybody watching.John Kerry, your opponent, has said at the convention:

Had I been reading to children and had my top aide whisper in my ear, "America's under attack," I would have told those kids very nicely and politely, the president of the United States has something he needs to attend to.

And there's a film showing you sitting.

What was going -- let's explain this, so we hear it from the other side.

G. BUSH: Well, I had just been told by Andrew Card that America was under attack. And I was collecting my thoughts. And I was sitting with a bunch of young kids, and I made the decision there that we would let this part of the program finish, and then I would calmly stand up and thank the teacher and thank the children and go take care of business.And I think what's important is how I reacted when I realized America was under attack. It didn't take me long to figure out we were at war. It didn't take me long to develop a plan that we would go after Al Qaeda. We went into action very quickly.

KING: So you think the criticism was unwarranted?
G. BUSH: Oh, I think it's easy to second-guess a...

KING: What was going...
G. BUSH: What is relevant is whether or not I understand and understood then the stakes. And I recognized that we were at war. And I made a determination that we would do everything we could to bring those killers to justice and to protect the American people. That is my most solemn duty."


Here's an interesting story on the failure of Washington's post-Iraq plans by a U.S. Veteran of the Iraq conflict:

And on another matter, WRKO 68O AM in Boston, is supposed to air LIBERAL radio on Saturday nights from
7 PM - 10 PM. They are a bunch of hypocrites and liars. When Reagan left this plane of existence, they pre-empted the "liberal talk" (when it was needed the most). On August 14th there is sports - on a talk radio station! The Olympics - Maybe Mitt Romney demanded it - WRKO says "how high" when Mitt tells them to jump.


By Joe Viglione

680 AM in Boston calls itself “The Talk Station”, but truth be told it is the station that talks AT its audience, not to them, and certainly not with them.
In this New World Order where a single judge ushers in a wretched presidency stealing votes from the citizens, a station like WRKO can survive by bashing independent thought.

Entercomm is the parent company of WRKO, running a station that was owned by the Infinity chain for a brief moment and cable mogul Steve Dodge before that. General Tire formerly owned the 50,000 watt powerhouse.

According to BostonRadio.org here is how General Tire lost the WRKO License:
When the Appeals Court ruling on WNAC-TV's license renewal came down on December 4, 1981, things could not have turned out worse for RKO. While the FCC process had been going on, the Securities and Exchange Commission had been investigating RKO for securities fraud. In the settlement of that case, General Tire admitted to cooking its books in order to hide illegal political contributions and bribes paid to foreign officials. Meanwhile, in the FCC proceeding, RKO General had been denying the same allegations. In light of RKO's lack of candor before the FCC, RKO was ruled unfit to be a broadcast licensee, and stripped of all its licenses. The Court of Appeals concurred in the FCC's judgment with respect to WNAC-TV, and ordered a rehearing for the other stations. (The FCC had already rejected an offer by General Tire to spin off its broadcasting division to shareholders.)

Page 2

The more things change, the more they stay the same. RKO General had its problems and Enterscamm – excuse please,
Entercomm was up on Racketeering charges:

A 1999 Radio and Records article contained this information:

Newsgroups: rec.radio.broadcastingDate: 1999/09/20 Reposted from Radio and Records, Sept. 21: Royce Sues Entercom For Racketeering Royce International Broadcasting's suit, filed in a San Francisco U.S.district court, alleges that violations of the Racketeer Influenced &Corrupt Organization Act (RICO) were involved in Royce's proposedsale of KWOD-FM/Sacramento to Entercom in 1996. Entercom CEODavid Field "conspired to keep other buyers away from Royce so that itcould only deal with Entercom on Entercom's terms," the suit says.

The hosts behave like thugs, and Rich Carbery in his correspondence at least, is not a very nice person. He has a snippy and arrogant tone and cannot deal with any kind of legitimate criticism of weak hosts that appear on the station – from John Depetro to Spencer Hughes, WRKO has become a wasteland of Republican-focused talk.
Callers get cut off in mid-sentence, independent thought is not permitted, yet the station can flourish when the competition is owned by a small pack of players who cannibalize when they can but, for the

Page 3
most part, just collect whatever ad revenues are out there when their station is the only game in town.
Competition is what made America strong, but Corporations today do not want competition, they have a scorched earth mentality – seek, crush, destroy.

A silly host with a sillier name – “Virgin Boy” – was absolutely gleeful when Bush Jr. dropped the bombs on Iraq in 2003. It was a pathetic moment in Boston radio. And then when “V.B.” – Virgin Boy’s nickname– was leaving the station for Fox 25, a host from the sports station next door, Ted Sarandis, got on mic at WRKO and started attacking his own listeners.

We need President John Kerry to pass a law abolishing dictators running the airwaves. The “public airwaves” should open up to minority people. Thugs like VB, Ted Sarandis, Howie Carr and their cronies should be shipped out to serve in Iraq as “consultants” for Radio Free Iraq. They made fun of Baghdad Bob because they are so much like him.

To be continued August 10, 2004

This is from WRKO's on website

The last mention of a host is June 26th - Dan Kennedy from The Boston Phoenix

Boston- With the presidential race set, Senator Kerry vs. President Bush, WRKO AM 680,The Talk Station brings the debate on the issues of the race to Boston. Beginning Saturday, March 13th at 7:00 p.m., WRKO will air "Counterpoint." "Counterpoint" will present a progressive viewpoint on local, national and international issues. New England residents will be encouraged to participate in the weekend debate. "Counterpoint" will hold open phone lines for the public. Guest hosts will rotate on a weekly basis, offering insight and political perspectives to the WRKO line-up. "This is going to be a very contentious presidential year. The debate will be intense and compelling in Massachusetts. All sides of the issues should be presented and debated. In the end, voters will make a personal decision," said WRKO Program Director Mike Elder. "Counterpoint" airs at 7 p.m. on WRKO AM 680: June 26th: DAN KENNEDY - Media Critic and Political Columnist for The Boston Phoenix

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How To Read The Nudge Report --- BUSH: Epitome of Incompetence & Ignorance - D.L.Hughley on Bush

How To Read The Nudge Report by Zeusipuss

This is a LIBERAL version of the DRUDGE report. Links galore to keep you updated.
Along with important information you get the Alexa # where the webpage exists on the web (as of today's
three month average). Kerry is currently whipping Bush in regards to web presence - for example:

http://www.johnkerry.com #3557

Today 2,821
1 wk. Avg. 2,761
3 mos. Avg. 3,557

http://www.georgewbush.com #5339 3 month average

Today 6,571 3 mos average 6,817

So Kerry is ranked 2,821 while Bush is at 6,571 a difference of close to four thousand.

Bill Maher.com #365,900http://www.billmaher.com/

Gary Hart warned of Terror Attacks 3 days before 9/11http://www.cnn.com/2001/fyi/news/02/01/us.terrorism/
Bill Mahr's 3rd episode of 2004's Summer Real Time

Here's a great review of the Michael Moore/Bill Maher REAL TIME

Bill Maher was hilarious on August 13, 2004 with his "Terror Alert Weather Report" - we know the Terrorists want to return to America and get more attention for themselves, and the alleged "President" uses that fear to - not make the people feel safe - to make the citizens of this country fearful so that he can dictate.


Zelda Rubinstein from AllMovie.com: Her best-remembered screen role was Tangina, the disastrously self-assured exorcist in the first twoPoltergeist films. Zelda's declaration that "This house is clean" has to be the most famous speaking-too-soon miscalculations in movie history" Doesn't Zelda's "This house is clean" line remind you of Bush saying "Mission Accomplished" - ok, ok, Bush didn't say it, it was more like the "Read My Lips" promise of his dad, we read George W's lips andbehind him was a ludicrous banner "Mission Accomplished." What a charade.

Had enough of politics? Read Joe Vig's Movie Reviews

Bush's Message on Economy Takes A Beating 12:34 AM August 7, 2004 http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/5624615/

British soldiers suing of Iraq War Syndrome???

As far back as October of 2003 - 17 in every 100,000 U.S. soldiers were committing suicide. http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2003/10/13/1065917350950.html?oneclick=true

The Iraq war spurs depression among veterans http://www.healthyplace.com/Communities/depression/news/veterans.asp

Many Large-Newspaper Editorials Praise Kerry Speech Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) http://www.editorandpublisher.com/eandp/news/article_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1000590405

Terror Threat Is Elevated, coincidentally when John Kerry has Bush on the ropes. Reuters: White House Sees Record Budget Deficit

Republicans Defect To Kerry Reuters

This is a great site!

Are the terror warnings a political ploy? CNN asks that question giving skewed poll numbers on Sunday Night, August 1, 2004.
Read this: http://talkleft.com/new_archives/006655.html

Republicans politicizing the "Terror Threat", running scared... 200,000 In DC Protest Bush's'War Without End' http://www.rense.com/general24/warw.htm

Fahrenheit 911 plays to 1,000 in Crawford Texas

Newsweek Magazine has Kerry 7 Points over Bush in Poll:

17,000 people in Ohio for Kerry

Polls Newsweek has Kerry up, CNN/USA Today doesn't. Aberration! Dick Morris - a Republican, and Michael Moore, pro-Kerry, both agree Kerry is WAY up in the actual polls.


Paper Reveals Bush-Cheney Organizer Asked Editor to Identify Staffer's Race http://www.editorandpublisher.com/eandp/news/article_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1000590778

my letter to the Boston Phoenix, August 13, 2004 http://www.bostonphoenix.com/boston/news_features/letters/letters.asp

2,278,866 A Site from one of Bill Maher's guests on August 13:

but moved to this site on August 14, 2004 4:03 PM

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Kerry Hits A Grand Slam
John Kerry's speech gets an A+. and so the "Terror Threat" is brought to an "Elevated" level. What a joke! Bush has to get his two cents in, so he raises the "terror threat." Kerry's poll numbers were up over Bush before the speech, while Iraq is shadowing Bush - just like Michael Moore's movie playing down in Crawford Texas. What did Vanessa Redgrave say in the film Mission Impossible - "Anonymity is like a warm blanket!" So too the fact that Michael Moore is taking his cameras down to Florida to see that the voting goes smoothly. Ron Reagan Jr. will be replacing Joe Scarborough in Scarborough Country real soon. The show is so much better with Reagan hosting. So Buzzy Linhart calls while I'm trying to write this and hangs up on me! I call him back and he's got some doctor on the floor! What are they wrestling or something? Is he running over the doc with his wheelchair?

Here are some important sites to check out:
Poll #s http://www.realclearpolitics.com/bush_vs_kerry.html

This one is frightening: http://bushwacka.org.uk/

So is this: http://www.ericblumrich.com/gta.html

Wow - I got the Vanessa Redgrave quote right from memory. It's on a Queer As Folk site: http://p209.ezboard.com/fqueerasfolk87597frm1.showMessageRange?start=21&stop=40&topicID=53.topic

And http://www.buzzylinhart.com/ will have his own blog: http://buzzylinhart.blogspot.com/

More Polls July 30, 2004 http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2004/07/29/opinion/polls/main632847.shtml
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They Are All Insane, We Are In The Matrix
The Matrix is a Metaphor Dictionary Definition: metaphor \Met"a*phor\, n. [F. m['e]taphore, L. metaphora, fr. Gr. ?, fr. ? to carry over, transfer; meta` beyond, over + fe`rein to bring, bear.] (Rhet.) The transference of the relation between one set of objects to another set for the purpose of brief explanation; a compressed simile; e. g., the ship plows the sea. --Abbott & Seeley. ``All the world's a stage.'' --Shak.Note: The statement, ``that man is a fox,'' is a metaphor; but ``that man is like a fox,'' is a simile, similitude, or comparison. written around 10:28 PMSo I'm driving home from the TV station in Wakefield after editing my shows with Bill Press (author, BUSH MUST GO), Johnny Pesky (author FEW & CHOSEN) and Bill Nowlin of Rounder Records & Books (author, MR. RED SOX: The Johnny Pesky Story). We also downloaded our digital tape interview with Curt Schilling. Coming home the exits to Woburn and Medford were blocked by police cars, so I had to go the backroads. Some individual was behind me with lights so glaring, so I pulled over, taking the Florence Scovell Shin philosophy of non-resistance. Doesn't the individual pull in front of me and stop their car. So I move ahead and stop my car and get out and ask them to please LEAVE ME ALONE. What is it with people? 10 PM at night and they want to pull up to your bumper with BRIGHT LIGHTS it is like someone is paying them to stalk and harass. Ridiculous. Maybe they are all insane, maybe we live in the Matrix. Earlier in the night around 6:30 PM on Route 128 some lunatic in his red van was roaring down the highway, about 12 inches from my bumper - what is it with these people? All in a hurry to go nowhere, zig zagging in and out of traffic, and cops all over Route 93 (but not 128, where are the cops when you need them? Stuck in the Matrix no doubt). John Edwards is giving a great speech while I'm driving home. Bush can only steal the election, and then Pamela Ruby Russell of http://www.rubytunes.com/ says there will be a revolution. "The haves and the have mores" is a horrifying line from Fahrenheit 911 - all those right wing crazies calling Michael Moore's movie "fiction" haven't even seen it - it is BUSH's OWN WORDS or lack thereof when he has the "My Pet Goat" book in his hand. The Republican Nutties are probably too vain to admit they made a BIG mistake. 11:09 PM FREE SPEECH ZONEOur Free Speech zones are being limited. People don't want the truth, they want to twist and turn things and create their own lie which they then call the truth.

Mark Mellman's May 12, 2004 article from THE HILL http://www.hillnews.com/mellman/051204.aspxis pretty amazing. Mellman writes "...Kerry’s margin is 11 points better than was Bill Clinton’s at a similar point in time against Bush I." WOW!

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12:18 AM Wednesday morning July 28, 2004
It is like a police state out there. Up and down Route 93 from Woburn/Stoneham down to Somerville it was easy to drive at 5 PM. Usually there is a traffic jam that won't quit - but it waseasy to get to the post office at 6:10 pm - a post office 7 miles away --- zip zip zip - but the POLICE - everywhere, ever present. George Orwell! Five miles out of Boston in some cities one cannot park on the main drag! Can you believe this? =====================================================================

The buzz surrounding our politics in 2004 is amazing - Bush seems so down in the polls that his only option is to steal the election again --- and Pamela says that will lead to REVOLUTION ---John Lennon meets George Orwell. What is the point of having Pat Buchanan on the air? At least Reverend Al Sharpton is witty and funny. Put Al Sharpton on the Rush Limbaugh show for a few weeks - Rush is so tired it is sad - a deflated 3 hours on the air that creates a vacuum -no wonder NPR's ratings have gone through the roof